Travel is the best form of education. As Francis Bacon has said "Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience."

Travel is the means through which man is able to liberate himself from the trivial anxieties of this world. Which oppress him to no end. It enables him to transcend through his mechanical existence and be exposed to the wonders, excitement and novelties of this world.


If it had not been for travel and man's insatiable curiosity, man would never have been able to spread his civilisation in all the parts of the globe. Christopher Columbus's yearning to know what lies ahead of the Pacific landed him up in America; Vasco De Gamma's curiosity to know what is on the other end brought him to India.

Last but not the least it was Ibn Batuta's joy for travel and his desire to see the world that made it possible for him to become the first medieval traveler to have visited the lands of every Muslim ruler of his time. It was the work and travel of these great explorers that we have been made aware of the existence of these places.

Travel educates a man by bringing him to terms with the ground realities of life. It broadens the outlook of people and clears the difference between urban and suburban lifestyles. For instance, if one would take a trip to coastal America and then to the Midwest one would realize a wide difference between the two lifestyles.

Even in Pakistan if one would head towards Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir, one would seriously be shocked. Indeed one contrast is of the terrain; but being in an undeveloped surrounding, one would think that there is more insecurity in those areas than in Karachi, however, one is absolutely mistaken for those areas are safer than large cities. Shocking, yet a fact! I would never have realised this if I had traveled; hence I now believe that travel is the best form of education. Apart from this, travel also gives a person first hand information of the people living in different countries.

Although, now with advancements in technology, the television and Internet fulfill this task quite effectively yet sometimes its make belief reality oppresses us. Personally witnessing the location, meeting the populous and eating the local food has its own charisma and most importantly a lesson, sometimes accompanied with an adventure.

However, some people consider travel to be a waste of time rather than a mode of education. They are drastically in contrast to those who find inner peace, tranquility, recreation, enjoyment, health and fitness in traveling. These people would rather be engrossed in their own hectic lives than take a break and sink into the majestic beauty of God's creation. For such people, the statement of Robert Louis Stevenson truly befits; "For my part, I travel not to go anywhere but to go, I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.

Travel For Education

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Traveling can be a humbling experience, particularly when you travel to a foreign country. Such experiences, of course, give rise to travel jokes.

Travel Jokes


1. Three brothers are sitting at the bar in a Moscow establishment. An older man is sitting at a table behind them and has obviously had too much vodka. He stands, walks up to the first brother and says,

"Your mother is a vicious, greedy woman!"

The brother tells him to shut up and go sit down.

After about 5 minutes, the old man stands and walks up to the second brother,

"I sleep with your mother whenever I want!"

Disgusted, the brother tells the old man to bugger off.

A few minutes later, the old man stands and starts walking towards the third brother. All three brothers turn around and yell,

"Dad, go home!"

2. You're at a bad hotel when the bed mint moves.

3. "Visi, Vermini, Vomnui" - I visited, I freaked, I threw up.

4. The President's Vacation

George and Laura Bush take a vacation to Crawford and decide to go the grocery store. In the checkout line, Laura recognizes the man working at the register as an old high school boyfriend. After chatting, they leave the store and George says,

"Wow, imagine if you had married him. You'd be married to a grocery store clerk now instead of the President of the United States."

Laura rolls her eyes and says, "No. I'd be married to the President of the United States."

5. "Veni, Veneri, Vamoosi" - I came, I caught a disease, I ran away."

Typically, just the act of traveling produces more than a few funny moments. Get out there and go.

Travel Jokes

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Traveling to unfamiliar destinations can bring to you the sort of troubles you do not want to experience while on the road namely: robbery, rape, or murder. Tourists often fall prey to perpetrators because they do not prepare properly before embarking on a trip. Let's examine some things you should do to prevent your travels from becoming a tragedy:

1. Never list your home address on the luggage tag. If on business, put the company's address on the tag; if visiting friends you can list their address. Use covered luggage tags as well.


2. Stay with your luggage until the luggage is checked. If you must put your bag down, keep one foot on the handle.

3. Carry important papers with you; NEVER check anything that you simply cannot afford to lose. Photocopy your passport, driver's license and credit cards.

4. Bring a small flashlight. You never know when you'll suddenly be "in the dark" and find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. At night, keep your flashlight by your bed.

5. Make sure that your prescription medicines are filled properly and labeled accurately. In some countries certain prescription medicines are forbidden.

6. Never wear anything that projects affluence. No gold chains, expensive watches and rings, luggage, or other paraphernalia should be in easy view. Better yet: leave your jewelry at home.

7. If possible travel with only one or two credit cards.

8. Women particularly should never accept a drink from a stranger. Keep an eye on your drink at all times.

9. Vary your schedule; try not to come and go at the same time everyday.

10. Only stay in a hotel that uses cards to open room doors and make sure your room has a peephole and a deadbolt lock. Secure the chain and secure the door by pushing a rubber stop under it.

11. Stay in a room near a stairwell. Never take the elevator if a fire or smoke is detected. Always stay in a hotel where the doors enter the hallway and not directly from the outside.

12. Do not wear name tags in public.

13. Do not use unmarked taxi cabs.

14. Sit behind the driver so you can see him, but he cannot see you.

15. Pay the driver upon arriving at your destination and while you are still sitting in the vehicle.

16. If you must rent a car, rent only from a reputable company. Any operating problems that occur could signal sabotage.

17. Be aware of 'staged' car accidents meant to catch you off card.

18. Back into your parking spaces to facilitate a quick exit.

19. Park only in well lit and well traveled areas.

20. If your cell phone does not work outside of the country, consider renting one that does for the duration of your trip.

21. If detained for whatever reason by an official, ask for identification. If in doubt, tell them that you want to see his superior. Keep your emotions in check.

22. If traveling with children, bring along an updated photograph of each child in the event that you become separated from them.

23. Write your child's name and your hotel number on each card; include a close friend's or relative's contact information on the card. Give a card to each child which they will carry with them as long as you are away. Destroy once home.

24. Discuss with your family what they would do in event of an emergency while away from home, e.g. whom to call, how to contact emergency personnel, etc.

25. Do not discuss travel plans, your room number or any other personal information in public within earshot of strangers.

26. Bring along a basic first aid kit with bandages, iodine, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, alcohol packets, dramamine, pepto bismol, diarrhea medicine, etc.

27. Familiarize yourself with train and bus schedules before traveling. Have an alternate plan in place in the event your transportation plans change.

28. Do not flash your passport in public. Discreetly show important documents to officials only.

29. Consider purchasing portable alarms that emit a loud sound.

30. Watch for scams on the street. Children working with adults are notorious as pickpockets.

31. Never flash your money in public. Exchange funds with reputable and recognized exchangers only.

32. Have tips ready in advance for service personnel.

33. Consider renting an escort [security] service if traveling in areas where crime is high.

The key to safe traveling in any area is situational awareness. Distractions because of luggage, children, hotel personnel, strangers, etc. can put you at risk. Know your surroundings and stay in control of every situation.

33 Travel Safety Tips

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Lanzarote island lies in the Atlantic Ocean which is about 1000 km from the popular travel destination called Spain. Lanzarote islands are beautiful islands which were once center of volcanic eruptions. After the eruption of volcanoes Lanzarote islands turned into paradise for the travelers and attracted large numbers of tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature. The weather conditions of the islands are excellent and small islands offer every kind of scenic beauty which is expected by the travelers. Small Island has less population but the people are quite nice and are always ready to give the warm welcome.

Following pointers describe about Lanzarote Spain:

1. Transportation is not the problem in Lanzarote Spain and government provides excellent facilities to the travelers for moving from one place to another. Airport has been constructed so that the people can directly visit the wonderful place. Many people like to fly from different parts of the world through the international airport.


2. Many people like to enjoy the sea route journey by choosing the ships and boats for traveling. The island is well connected with other islands and countries of the world. You can rely on the airways and waterways. Large numbers of people prefer waterways due to cheap travel and it saves lot of money.

3. Beaches of Lanzarote Island are just amazing and travelers enjoy a lot on the beaches. You can enjoy on the dazzling beaches and travelers love to spend long time in sun. Sun bathing is enjoyed by all the travelers due to the excellent weather conditions prevailing on islands.

4. Beaches are most favorite places where you can spend the vibrant vacations and tourists can enjoy surfing and beach side games. Lodging facilities and quality of food provides you with the utmost pleasure. Restaurants around beaches can help you to fulfill your appetite with delicious dishes prepared by chefs. You can easily get the variety served by the restaurants along with expensive drinks.

5. The Jameos Del Agua is the popular destination point which is visited by many tourists. Some people are fond of visiting destination spots which are important from historical point of view and also buildings having beautiful architecture. You can search on the internet to get complete knowledge about the beaches before planning your journey.

Plan the magnificent trip and enjoy the exciting and thrilling vacations on the wonderful beaches of Lanzarote Spain.

Lanzarote Spain

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The Arawak, Carib, and Taino Indians were the first inhabitants of the Caribbean islands. These first inhabitants occupied the present day islands of British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Trinidad, and Jamaica. Their daily diet consisted of vegetables and fruits such as papaw, yams, guavas, and cassava. The Taino started the process of cooking meat and fish in large clay pots.

The Arawaks are the first people known to make a grate of thin green wood strips on which they slowly cooked meat, allowing it to be enhanced by the flavor of the wood. This grate was called a barbacoa, and the word we know today as barbeque is taken from this early Indian cooking method.


The Carib Indians added more spice to their food with hot pepper sauces, and also added lemon and lime juice to their meat and fish recipes. The Caribs are said to have made the first pepper pot stew. No recipes exist since every time the Indians made the dish, they would always add new ingredients. The Carib had a big impact on early Caribbean history, and the Caribbean sea was named after this tribe.

Then the Caribbean became a crossroads for the world . . .

Once the Europeans brought Africans slaves into the region, the slaves diet consisted mostly of food the slave owners did not want to eat. So the slaves had to be inventive, and they blended their traditional African foods with staples found on the islands. The Africans introduced okra, callaloo, fish cakes, saltfish, ackee, pudding and souse, mangos, and the list goes on.

Most present day Caribbean island locals eat a present diet that is reflective of the main ingredients of original early African dishes, and includes cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, plantains, bananas and corn meal.

African men were hunters in their homeland, and often away from home for long periods of time. They would cook spicy pork over hot coals, and this tradition was refined by the early slaves in Jamaica. The technique is known today as "jerk" cooking , and the secret involves a slow meat cooking process. Jamaica is famous for jerk chicken and pork, and you'll find jerk all over the island.

After slavery was abolished, the Europeans went to India and China for labor, and more cooking styles were introduced. Much of the Indian cooking culture remains alive and well in the Caribbean of today with the introduction of curried meats and curry powder. Indians call it kari podi, and we have come to know this pungent flavor as curry.

The Chinese introduced rice, which is always a staple in home cooked island meals. The Chinese also introduced mustard, and the early Portuguese sailors introduced the popular codfish.

Most visitors to the Caribbean have no idea that the fruit trees and fruits so familiar to the islands were introduced by the early Spanish explorers. The fruit trees and fruits brought from Spain include orange, lime, ginger, plantains, figs, date palms, sugar cane, grapes, tamarinds and coconuts.

Even the Polynesian islands play an important role in Caribbean cooking. Most of us remember the movie "Mutiny on the Bounty", but do not know that particular ship carried breadfruit, which was loaded on board from the islands of Tahiti and Timor. In the movie the crew took over the ship, forced the captain into a small boat to fend on his own, and they threw the breadfruit, which they considered "strange fruit" overboard. Another ship was more successful in bringing breadfruit from Polynesia to Jamaica and the St Vincent and the Grenadines. Breadfruit is a staple diet in the current day Caribbean

America is responsible for introducing beans, corn, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, and chili pepper to the Caribbean. In fact these particular foods had never been seen in Asia, Europe or Africa, so America actually introduced these foods the rest of the world via the Caribbean.

So it's no wonder Caribbean cooking is so rich and creative with the flavors of Africa, India, and China, along with Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, French and British influences. Food served in the Caribbean islands have been influenced by the cultures of the world, but each island adds its own special flavor and cooking technique.

Caribbean Food - A Little History

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Smart travelers don't sit in a travel agents office to plan their vacations anymore, they go to travel websites to find discount airfare deals and book their own cheap flights. Airline carriers are at war and smart consumers who know the secrets to finding great online travel deals, can take advantage of this instability and save hundreds on their plane tickets.

Despite what you may have heard, tickets on flights are not sold at a fixed rate. Most airlines have a complex grading system in place for ticket prices. They have a set number of seats they must fill for a certain price and a second block of seats they will let go for a slightly cheaper ticket price and third set of seats for a another discounted ticket price. So, at any given time when you try to buy online airline tickets, you could come up with a number of different prices.


The secret to dirt cheap airfare, is knowing exactly when, where and how to buy the tickets. Timing is everything when it comes to finding cheap airfare. Should you buy your tickets one, two or six months before your desired departure date? Will you save more by purchasing round trip tickets or one way flights? Should you travel on or off season, and exactly when are the popular flight travel seasons? And finally, should you buy your plane tickets through a discount travel site, or through a popular travel search directory like Expedia or Travelocity?

Your first tip to find cheap airfare is to check out several travel directories that offer price results for all the major airlines so that you can compare ticket prices at a glance. My favorites are for their consistently low flight price quotes and easy two click price checks, Cheaptickets,com for their large inventory of cheap airfare selections and for their huge selection of customized flight results. As a traveler you need to log on to these websites and get a feel for how often the prices change and bookmark them for future use.

Airlines and travel websites offer bigger discounts and cheaper airfare prices to people who book online because it saves them the overhead costs of printing and handling a paper ticket. So be sure to use the e-ticket option when purchasing your plane tickets online. Don't wait till the last minute though, the best cheap airfare prices are found about 21 days before your departure date.

The highest plane ticket prices are found 14 days or less before departure, so don't wait till the last minute to buy your ticket if you're hoping to find discount airfare. But keep in mind that many airlines give away dirt cheap plane tickets about half an hour before liftoff.

Be sure to purchase round trip tickets rather than one way, the best cheap airfare deals are usually offered to round trip travelers.

Cheap flights during the holidays can be hard to find, the secret is to fly the day of the holiday not the day before or after when flights are jam packed.

You can save even more money on airfare if your plan your vacation during the off season. Travel professionals say that the best time to book a cheap flight online is mid-January to end February, April through May, and in the fall from mid-September to mid-December.

The time of day that you book online plane tickets is important too. If you checked plane ticket prices at 6 am and then again at 6 pm on the same travel website, you'd be shocked to find that you just lost 20 or 30 bucks by waiting too long or not long enough. Another variable that is imperative to finding dirt cheap flights is, the day of the week you make your online ticket purchase. Most traveler's purchase their tickets on a Saturday or Sunday, but is that the smartest day to get dirt cheap airfare?

Top 10 Travel Tips To Help You Book A Dirt Cheap Flight

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Is it necessary to purchase a travel book or is it realistic that we can get similar information from other resources? Usually, most individuals have a major question on buying a travel book. So here are the pros and cons of purchasing one such book.

Advantages of a Travel Book


A travel book, which may be a paperback or e-book, comes in handy while traveling. Glancing through a travel book enables you to understand the custom and culture of a particular place in the world. So you can adapt yourself to that particular environment and stay there comfortably for longer periods.

  1. They Come In Handy -- The travel guide comes in various forms such as, e-books, paperbacks and the file formats. You can have easy access to these books, which would assist you with all details compatible to the region you are traveling to.

  2. They Provide Enormous Information -- Electronic or traditional travel guides provide you with answers to all types of questions such as how to learn some sayings that can be used in the place where you are traveling to? How to get data on where to reside, what to see and where to eat? How to get a clear knowledge about the history of a specific region or the atmosphere that it has?

  3. They Suit To Your Requirements -- To access full information about a specific country or a region, both types of general and specific travel books are made available. The e-book may easily fit into your e-book reader whereas the paperback can fit into your backpack.

Disadvantages of Travel Book

  1. The Price -- The e-book and paperback travel guides are very expensive compared to the information obtained from travel websites or from those who have moved or traveled to that region.

  2. Qualitative Images In Travel Books -- Most travel books are in black and white. Only a few e-books consist of colored photos. Hence make a thorough revision before purchasing a travel guide or an e-book.

  3. Travel Books Make The Trip Less Natural -- Traveling can be made more spontaneous by acquiring suggestions from locals than from travel books.


Considering travel books is essential while you are scheduling to travel. At the same time, never fail to revise the pros and cons in order to make the trip, the most memorable one.

How to Travel With Books - Advantage and Disadvantage of Travel Books

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If you were told there was an untold secret that thousands were using for getting paid to travel off every Disney vacation, Las Vegas travel package, Hawaii vacation, honeymoons and all travel package deals, including airfare, would you want in on it? Of course you would. Especially if you travel at least once a year for a typical family fun vacation. Now what if you were a frequent flier and you ran across this hidden secret, would it sound all too good to be true?

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Stop booking travel online through Expedia, and pay yourself first is what my mentor told me after I discovered he went to St. Louis, booked a hotel and car rental online, paid practically nothing for the trip, came back home and got a check for his trip in the mail. I was blown away, but also wanted to know more of what this guy was doing because I went to Chicago from Va, and spent nearly a thousand by myself.

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This happens quite frequently now to thousands of people worldwide. This secret of getting paid to travel the world, whenever you want is being offered through private travel agencies online and average consumers are now making valuable use of this, because it puts money back into their pockets.

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Sometimes it's the little things like insect spray or a rain poncho in your travel gear that saves the day. Packing the right travel gear can be essential, especially if you'll be on the road for sometime. Let's look at some must have travel accessories that you may wish to consider.

Adapter and Inverters


If you need to travel with a laptop then you should check into adapters. Their very handy while traveling on airplanes. Adapters are standard plugs for running laptops or charging instead of using up all your battery power. For those traveling overseas you'll want an inverter to switch you over from the AC current used in America to DC which is found in Europe.

Noise Reduction

How many of you try and sleep on airplanes, especially those long flights? Noise canceling headphones are the way to go. Look for the neat folding headphones that are really compact and deliver high quality sound or noise canceling sound.


Whether you're flying on a plane or staying at a hotel, you can't beat your own pillow. These little support pillows are great for sleeping on planes. They support your neck and are made with lightweight foam and best of all their machine washable. It's easy to store travel gear in a carry-on.


A rolling duffel maybe everything you require in luggage. Lightweight, padded handles and lots of compartments. Handy for a quick trip or even camping.

Securing Valuables

Thieves and con artists are just waiting for you to show up with your wallet in the back pocket, easy for the pickings. Take a close look at an all terrain money belt and surf safe and see what you think. There are several styles that look just like a belt, but have a secret compartment securing your money.

Surf safe is a must have if you're on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Crowded beaches delight thieves ready to rifle through your stuff while you're in the water. Use surf safe to take your valuables in the water with you.

Alarm Clock

If you're traveling abroad a world time alarm clock is so handy to check anyone of 16 different time zones and of course waking you up.

Rain Gear

As sure as you're in a new city your going to get caught in a deluge of rain. Be prepared with a waterproof rain poncho. They keep you warm and dry and fit a man or a woman. They're small, lightweight and easy to fit in any luggage or purse, ideal for backpackers and campers too.

Sun and Insect Protection

Always remember to pack or purchase your travel clothes to protect your arms and legs from too much sun. Don't forget sunglasses and hats. Sawyer makes a combination sun block and insect repellent with eight hours of precious protection.

8 Must Have Travel Accessories

Take a few minutes to shop online when you're not rushed and purchase must have travel accessories. Don't forget to pack a couple of priceless pictures of your family and friends to share as you travel.

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Happy and safe traveling to you all


First, let's define what an International Travel Medical Insurance is. International Travel Medical Insurance is a short-term medical insurance plan that provides among other things medical coverage associated with international traveling. It is sometimes known as Travel Medical Insurance for short.

Do not confuse Travel Medical Insurance with International Health Insurance which typically is an annual plan that provides more comprehensive medical coverage for people living abroad. This is sometimes known as the Expatriate Health Insurance or Global Health Insurance.


The following are some of the typical benefits found in International Travel Medical Insurance:

  • Reimbursement of eligible medical expenses,
  • Trip Interruption,
  • Lost checked luggage,
  • Emergency medical evacuation,
  • Emergency reunion,
  • Emergency dental,
  • Accidental death and dismemberment,
  • Return of remains.

More and more International Travel Medical Insurance plans are also providing the following additional benefits as their standards:

  • Terrorism coverage,
  • Hospital indemnity (or hospital daily cash),
  • Complications of pregnancy,
  • Acute onset of a pre-existing condition,
  • Natural disaster,
  • Travel assistance such as pre-trip health and safety advisories, emergency cash transfers, lost passport or travel document assistance, bail bond assistance, etc.

Some may even provide:

  • Incidental home country coverage for a short return to home country during coverage period,
  • End of trip home country coverage of say, an additional 30 days at an extra premium.

Just like all medical insurance plans, there are deductibles, coinsurance percentages and overall maximum limits associated with International Travel Medical Insurance. Different levels and combinations of these benefit features will give rise to different premium rates.

The detailed explanations of these benefit items are beyond the scope of this paper. For more information, readers are encouraged to refer to the link provided in the resource box.

Now back to the question of "Do I need an International Travel Medical Insurance?" Before we answer this rhetorical question, let's examine some of the real risks associated with international traveling. We are talking about risks of:

  • Not knowing where to go or who to turn to when you have a medical situation in a foreign country;
  • Exposing yourself and your loved ones to sub-standard medical care that may further exacerbate your pain and suffering and putting your life at risk;
  • Emergency medical situations that may require you to be evacuated to save your life;
  • Emergency situations that develop due to act of war, terrorism or natural disaster.

Unfortunately, the above calamities are real in the world that we all live in today. From the financial point of view, it is not wise and illogical for an individual to assume all these risks. Furthermore, some of these risks are far beyond financial and in the case of an emergency it could mean live or death.

In short, whether you travel for business or pleasure, international travel involves risk. You may arrive at your destination to find that your luggage with personal items has disappeared. A personal emergency may necessitate your early return to your Home Country. A medical emergency may require hospitalization or even air evacuation. In most cases, your existing insurance will not provide adequate protection for these and other risks. Without appropriate travel insurance, you may be exposed to significant financial risks.

Fortunately, with a quality International Travel Medical Insurance plan, the above risks can be mitigated cost effectively. For example, you can get U,000,000 International Travel Medical Insurance coverage at as low as .50 per day. This is probably less than the cost of a bottle of mineral water!

So, do you need an International Travel Medical Insurance to cover you and your loved ones? The answer is obviously!

Go see the world, but don't leave home without a good International Travel Medical Insurance!

International Travel Medical Insurance - Do I Need One?

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