Whether you are new to the dating, are reentering, or are a serial dater, you may use unique dating tips and guidelines. While no one is a dating expert – even the most beautiful and wealthy people struggle with matters of the heart. Everybody can learn something about how to date more, how to attract the singles. Everyone wants to attract to the opposite sex and how to make sure initial chemistry blooms into an enduring relationship.

Really there are no magic formulae, no fail-proof tricks, no cunning ways of trapping. There are some essential facts that you should always bear in mind along the way. Dating tips not fix always for all people, there may be different tacks will work for different people. It depends on the situation, who we are, where we live, etc. However, there are some guidelines of advice that are fairly universal and can benefit anyone who practices them:

Be prepared for dating. If you really want to succeed in the dating game, be ready to commit to dating. Half-effort won't work. In fact, it can't even fruitful. If you really want to date, put some effort into it. Really think before about what you want out of dating. Prepare yourself accordingly, www.luvfree.com is the site that will face at some point in dating and commit not to give up.

If you are really want to fix the dating you must look fair and handsome so you may join a gym, to make a body fit can do dieting, your hair cut or styled looking good grooming. You should be more confident about to communicate others can sense that. Confidence is an important matter to fix the dating.

Unlike natural stone, engineered quartz countertops cost are completely uniform throughout and are susceptible to some discoloration when subjected to long periods of ultra-violet light. Because of this reason, engineered quartz may not be desired for use as an outdoor countertop. Engineered quartz can also be damaged by high heat so it is always recommended that the user not place a hot pan directly onto this type of countertop.

Other natural stones, such as soapstone, limestone, marble and onyx, make beautiful vanities, fireplace surrounds, bathroom countertops, and so on. Even though all of these stones are hard to the touch they are still much softer than granite or engineered quartz and therefore not recommended for use in a high traffic area such as a kitchen. The only exception is that if the desire is to create an "old world" look, both marble and soapstone will achieve this as oxidation occurs naturally.

With the majority of materials used in countertop installations, seams will be visible, but with darker countertops the seams will not be as readily seen. Engineered quartz however, depending upon the size of the countertop, may not have any seams due to being manufactured in very large sheets.

Concrete can be used in copious applications using a variety of techniques. It is durable enough to last for decades to come, strong enough to be used in structural applications, and malleable (before cured) to be molded to almost any form or shape. It can be used in flooring, wall, and ceiling applications, or it can be employed to construct statues and furniture. It can be made to look industrial and cold as well as traditional and warm. With so many applications, it is nearly safe to say that concrete can be used to make almost anything, and countertops santa rosa are no exception.

Concrete countertops made their debut into restaurants, retail establishments, and homes over a decade ago; however, they have grown to be more accepted in the last few years. Once a countertop material for only the do-it-yourselfers and the exceptionally rich, concrete countertops are now starting to make their way into mid-priced homes and common commercial applications.

Utilizing concrete countertops has become an increasingly popular way for designers and homeowners to achieve a look unparalleled by any other material. Concrete countertops can add the perfect design element to almost any design style, including traditional, earthy, modern, industrial, contemporary, and more. Concrete countertops are only limited to the imagination and the ability to make the forms as such.

Scholarships are a great way to a free college education. There are many prospective private colleges with nursing program students who use several other means for funding their college education such as grants, or loans. Grants are funds that do not have to be repaid. Student loans usually have to be repaid. There are several ways how to pay for college, and start off your college career with scholarships.

When starting your search for college scholarships, you should consider your current student status. Are you a new high school graduate? Are you pursuing a second degree or advanced degree? What field do you wish to pursue? The answer to these questions may determine where you start your search for scholarships. If you're a recent high school graduate, you may start your search with the school guidance or career counselor. There are many scholarships available for recent high school graduates and your school career counselor can usually provide you with information about these types of scholarships.

Casinos have been for while, but apparently it’s only recently which start casinos for mobiles, their potential to be developed as a processing speed of the device, screen resolution, screen size and mobile operating system becomes norm. But with so many numbers of mobile casinos, and each of them, , to its bid to be the best there’s to promote, select the provider that best can be intimidating for you. But the good news is that the decision is not as difficult as the task choosing an online casino regularly, as between you dozens of options, instead of thousands of work and a little "less is required to seek the reputation of the operators choose to establish.

This is because, at least for now, the mobile casino games offer in its infancy and requires significant investment to implement. The games for mobile phones designed to require a large number of additional considerations manufactured by companies that changed the look and feel to fit the smallest interface to the optimization and integration with payment processing platform to showcase various back-ends. If the phone little bit "to use white and black, still, but I would like to play games of mobile casino, you should invest in thing that more functional.

You should don’t worry about How to Win in Online Casinos, the developers of online casinos invest heavily in research options in their mobile phone, how the iPad2 and programming language HTML5 does not make us wait so long, mobile casino more comfortable for the eyes and very realistic graphics and also usability. Some experts industry predicts that the Android will be in top position in 2012 to strengthen. If you really want is more or less to take market share from the Apple, that trend means many developers of mobile casino more attention to give this operating system. You can, however any mobile device with the assurance that can be offered under any circumstances, a variety of options for blackjack, poker or Roulette select mobile.

Another technique cleaners use to access residences is to offer a free demonstration. The "professional" carpet cleaner will carefully & methodically clean a small patch of the home's living room carpet. The cleaner selects a prominent area, one easily viewed upon entering the room. The region upon which the cleaning takes place will stand out against the surrounding carpet; that which is not covered under the free offer. The homeowner is therefore left with the choice of paying a hefty fee for further services or to face staring at a sore thumb in the center of their living rooms.

Selecting the right Carpet Cleaning Tampa company can be a hassle. Industry scam techniques just make the process that much more confusing. There are many highly reputable carpet cleaners to chose from, don't fall prey to the cons of the lesser options. To ensure integrity is part of the sale, keep these scam techniques in mind when hiring a business to clean your carpets.

Let me ask you a question. How many times are you going to allow yourself to be taken in by the empty promises of most professional skin care product? Please don't misunderstand. I just want you to get the results you deserve. Achieving a young, firm complexion isn't as hard as you may believe. In fact, the secret to getting professional skincare results can be found in three simple, but powerful steps. Let me explain.

You see, healthy, beautiful skin comes down to three natural substances produced within you body. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are the structural proteins and fatty acids which keep your skin firm, smooth, moist, elastic and even-toned.

Dry, sagging skin, with lines and wrinkles is the result of a serious depletion of these vital skin-supporting substances. Years of fighting off attacks from free radicals, harmful molecules produced by sun and environmental toxin exposure, leaves your skin cells crippled and unable to function. Without healthy cell function, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels plummet, taking your lovely complexion with them.

Unless your life has been touched by it, you most likely do not know what it is. One of the most deadly forms of cancer, is Brain Cancer, and of those, Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) has been known as The Terminator. With an average historical survival rate of roughly a year, with the 3 year survival rate at roughly 7%, it is no small wonder it was tagged with that nickname. Recent medical breakthroughs are beginning to catch up with many more "common" strains of Cancer. Caught early enough, once feared cancers are responding to treatment, and with the combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, people have had reasons to be optimistic, that they can actually look forward to a cure. Better diagnostic methods, treatment, and understanding the value of nutrition to boost the body's immune system to not only prevent, but help fight the disease. These promising advances, along with celebrities who come forward with their experiences of survival, and have gone on with their lives, gives people the hope and courage to face the issues involved with treatment and recovery.

With virtually no advances for 30 or so years, Brain Cancer treatment, including GBM, which been treated as a chronic illness, has seen some remarkable progress recently. The use of surgery, where possible, certain chemotherapeutic drugs, along with radiostatic treatments, has resulted in a steady increase in the median survival rate, and better quality of life during treatment.


I was diagnosed with GBM in June of 2007. It was surgically resected (removed) almost immediately. After a wait of about 6 weeks (during which time I was encouraged by my Neurosurgeon to take a previously scheduled vacation with my wife), I began a series of focused Radiostatic treatments 5 days a week, for 42 treatments. This focused treatment was preceeded by a computer mapping and simulation program. Concurrent with the treatments I was prescribed Temodar, an oral chemotherapeutic. Once that treatment was over, I continued on Temodar 5 days a month for a year. Two and a half years later, there are no signs of the tumor. Attitude, my faith in God, the Good fortune of being blessed with a capable medical team, and a support system of friends and family, are all part of the reason I am able to update this article today.

The latest advances have been in the area of a specific treatment based on the chemical and material make-up of each individual tumor. The good news is that progress is indeed being made, and it appears we may be able to find a cure for this horrible disease in our lifetimes.

Glioblastoma Multiforme - No Longer an Instant Death Sentence - A Personal Journey

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Several scientists believe that hydrogen is the best form of alternative energy resource and has unlimited potential. It is considered as a clean energy resource and also one of the most acceptable forms of fuel available today.

Using hydrogen has numerous advantages. One is that it burns in the air and leaves water vapor as residue. Water vapor has no environmental disadvantages as of now. Also, several experts think that hydrogen will very soon replace all types of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power. So there will be a cleaner form of energy in the future if this concept develops.


Hydrogen is available in the entire universe and in abundant quantities. Also, it is a renewable source of energy and does not get depleted with time. Hydrogen is found in water, and the three parts of our planet is made up of water. So there is no question of depletion when it comes to hydrogen. Also, another interesting fact is hydrogen is being used to power space shuttles and to provide electricity on their voyage. Therefore, it is already an established resource for power.

Today, there are hydrogen powered vehicles in the market. Several manufacturers are exploring the options for future use. However, in order to produce hydrogen, a great deal of energy is used. This is the biggest disadvantage of producing hydrogen as a clean fuel. One of the most common methods is to break down compounds that contain hydrogen in huge quantities. These compounds include methane. When methane is broken down, it leaves behind just hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Hydrogen As Clean Fuel - Advantages and Disadvantages

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No trip to the Caribbean would be complete without a stop in Nassau. Located in the Bahamas, it is the main tourist attraction in the area.

Many new attractions have been added in the last few years to make this a destination well worth spending several days.


Probably the most luxurious is Atlantis, covering 141 acres, this resort features more than 20 million gallons of water and 50,000 sea creatures!

It features several restaurants, a casino, water rides, as well as your standard beach and shopping.

Probably one of the best tours available is the Pirates of Nassau and Historical Highlights tour. Billed as the best pirate tour in the world, traveling in a taxi van the excursion begins with a tour of the islands historical sites. First on the agenda is the Queen's Staircase, along with the Water Tower and Fort Fincastle.

From there Parliament Square, the Governor's Mansion, Gregory's Arch and other attractions.

Then discover life in the 1700's at the Pirates of Nassau, you will find a three quarter length replica schooner. You may even come face to face with Blackbeard, or Anne Bonny.

Afterwards you can enter the courtyard to relax and purchase a pirate cocktail!

Nassau is well known for it's pristine beaches, dolphin encounters, carriage rides, and of course the "Straw Market".

The Straw Market is well known for their shopping bargains, bartering is not only acceptable, but expected. After a day of beach hopping, shopping and sightseeing, the perfect finish is enjoying a cool drink at Senor Frogs before retiring for the evening or making your way back to your waiting cruise ship!

Nassau - Bahamas

Experience a modern day Walkabout!
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Levette Lake is located just north of Squamish and is about 11 kilometers round trip. This isn't a difficult hike and should take about 5 hours to complete with an elevation gain of only 300 meters. If you're looking for a great hike but one that doesn't require as much energy as, say, Garibaldi, then try Levette Lake and I'm sure you'll be very happy you did. This is also a dog friendly hike as long as your pooch is under your control.

To get to this destination, drive along highway 99 just past both Squamish and Brackendale. Turn left at the turnoff for Cheekye and follow the Squamish Valley Road over a bridge. Turn right at the fork in the road and then take your next left for about a kilometre. You can park along the side of the road here to begin your hike. There is a signboard at the trail start with maps of all the local trails in this area.


The beginning of this hike to Levette Lake begins along an old logging road which leads to hiking in a new forest growth area. The trees have not been planted as densely as an old growth forest and are of course much shorter.

The trail is well marked for hikers and is also well maintained. I'd recommend doing this hike earlier in the season and save some of the higher elevation hiking for later on in summer.

As you continue on your hike and climb slightly in elevation you will begin to gain fantastic views of the Tantalus Range to your west, Garibaldi to your east and the Squamish River to your south. Once you leave this viewpoint you should notice that you have now entered an untouched old growth forest filled with beautiful Douglas fir trees.

Cross a wooden bridge and you will see a range of bluffs to your left which makes a great spot to stop for a snack or lunch. Or, continue on to the shores of Levette Lake to have your lunch and a quick swim.

There is a campground near the shores of the lake for those wishing to stay overnight. Or, after having a peaceful break by the lake, simply re-trace your steps back to your vehicle down below.

Levette Lake is a great way to start your seasonal hiking year and one that isn't going to be too strenuous on even the average hiker. Enjoy this hike for the splendid views and scenery it will provide.

Happy Hiking!

Hiking to Levette Lake, British Columbia

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Israel is great to visit pretty much all year round. Weather-wise, it's one of the reasons I've spent so long here (English Summers - who needs them?!). This article gives a quick rundown of the seasonal factors you should consider when planning your visit to Israel.

The timing of your visit will depend on a number of crucial factors that you'll have to work out for yourself (such as Jewish holiday season, as mentioned at the end of this article - is it and the associated upgrade in cost, for you? Or perhaps you'd prefer a cooler time to visit rather than melt in the peak summer months), but we'd highly recommend either the Spring (March, April and May) when temperatures are on average in the low 20's or Autumn (October and November) when temperatures are still good, around the high 20's, in the center of the country. Temperatures are usually higher, often much higher, in the South of the country and around the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee areas.


The Winter months are not really Winter as most of us know it. There are occasional days of rain, and the odd deluge of snow in Jerusalem and the upper reaches of the Galilee and Golan Heights, but it is fairly mild in Israel.

As mentioned above, you probably won't enjoy the peak summer months of July and August, especially in the center of the country where the humidity levels can prove stifling. Average summer temperatures in the center of the country are over 30C and closer to 40C in the South and Galilee. But it's when you come out of the shower and you're already wet from a sheen of sweat before you start drying yourself off that you realise you should probably have postponed that visit til October...it really is nasty stuff that humidity!

Although the Autumn and Spring months have the best climate for a trip to Israel, there are other factors you need to consider. September and October are the busiest months in the Jewish calendar with Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) bringing the country to a standstill. April is also busy with Passover (Pessach) bringing many Jewish tourists to the country. Dates of these holidays vary from year to year, and it is probably best avoiding traveling here at these times if you want a more relaxing, and cheaper, holiday.

The Best Time to Visit the Holy Land

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Planning a business trip or vacation? The first question asked is always "what size luggage will I need?" How do you determine the size, and the number of pieces to bring? It's really simple. There's a rule of thumb - and then you need to ask some questions.

What works for most people is a wheeled tote for overnight, a wheeled carry on luggage or 22" for a weekend, and the long weekend will usually be the 22" carry on luggage with an attachable tote. The wheeled tote can hold a small change of clothing and a few cosmetics. Keep in mind if you're flying, the cosmetics need to be in a three-one-one clear plastic one quart sized case, with bottles and jars of three ounces or less. You could pack the same amount in a tote without wheels, but we're at the airport for a long time these days, and wheels seem to be the easier way to go.


The 22" wheeled carry on luggage can easily work for the weekend, holding several changes of clothing and even shoes. You will need to adhere to the same three-one-one rule for your cosmetics if flying. Wheeled carry on luggage also comes in a 20" or 21" size for those that are flying on smaller planes, or for those who take less. Wheeled totes or regular totes can attach to the top of the smaller piece and both pieces can be wheeled together with one hand. This is the easiest way to travel. You cannot carry another purse, or briefcase, as you are limited to the one carry on piece and one personal bag when flying. There's usually an outside pocket on carry on luggage or tote bags for your travel essentials and your travel wallet. Your boarding pass and I.D. should be easily accessible when traveling. And don't forget to throw that small lightweight travel umbrella in the outside pocket!

The one week trip usually needs a 25" or 26" Pullman for one person. This size will also work for two persons for a long weekend. It can hold quite a lot of clothing, shoes, incidentals, travel accessories and even an extra jacket. This size rarely goes over the fifty-pound maximum that many of the airlines are enforcing today. Always check with your individual airline to be sure you are following their particular regulations. Most of the newer luggage available now is lighter in weight than the luggage purchased years before. You may want to invest in a lighter piece of luggage, or a travel luggage scale to be sure you won't be charged.

Some of the airline charges are substantial and you may save money in the long run by purchasing a lighter-weight Pullman case. It's always a good idea to take carry on luggage for the important items you cannot afford to lose. You'll want to keep any needed medications, eyeglasses, your jewelry and other valuables with you. The wheeled tote or regular tote should attach to the top of the Pullman case for ease in wheeling through airport, train and bus terminals.

A two-week trip or longer generally requires the 27", 28" or 29" Pullman for one person. The old luggage sizes of 30", 31" or 32" will be considered oversized by the airlines and you may be charged. Generally, they consider cases over 62" when you add the length plus height plus width to be oversized. The oversized cases will usually go overweight also, and you may incur double charges. Check with your airline before packing for the trip. When two people are traveling, you may be able to pack the larger Pullman with just clothes, and take a slightly smaller case for the cosmetics, shoes and heavier items. This will probably keep both of your cases within the weight restrictions.

Many travelers today pack their heaviest items in their carry on bag to keep their larger Pullman cases from becoming overweight. Keep the new regulations in mind when packing. You can no longer pack all of your cosmetics in the carry on luggage or the tote bag. One person may carry on liquids and gels in a one quart bag, and the containers must be three ounces or less. This is the three-one-one clear plastic bag. Since we're putting these cosmetics in the Pullmans, it's making the Pullman case weigh more. And you need to double wrap your liquids, creams and gels to insure that nothing will stain your clothing.

When two of you are traveling, you will usually need to double the amount of luggage or cut back on sizes slightly. You may be able to share some cosmetics and that travel umbrella. If you are going to attend many evening functions where you'll need to change each evening that will increase the size of the luggage you'll need to pack. If it's a casual trip, you may get away with bringing less and packing a smaller piece of luggage. If you're renting a car and sharing with another couple, you'll all have to bring less. European rental cars are usually on the small size so you'll need to take that into consideration. You can often wear the heavy coat on the airplane, and may want to wear boots rather than packing them.

Some airlines have restrictions on the size and the weight of your luggage but may allow two pieces per person. Remember that travelers rarely wear everything they bring. There are also many new travel items like the UBU reversible lightweight jacket, or the OneSole shoes with choices of hundreds of different tops. If you don't mind paying extra on the airline, you will not have to be as rigid when packing. Expandable Pullman cases are wonderful if you plan to bring back a lot of souvenirs. However, do check with your airline, and watch your weight. The more you travel, the easier packing becomes, so plan a lot of trips!

What Size Luggage Do I Need For My Trip?

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If you lead a team, you know that the journey to high-performance is ongoing. It's the rare team that achieves high-performance and just stays there. In my business life, whether I've managed a team within an organization, or run my own company, it's been unusual to keep the same team together for longer than a year. Team members come and go, driven by the needs of the organization and their own career goals. And every time the members of a team changes, the team needs to regroup and refocus.

Shared Purpose and Direction


On a high-performing team, everyone on the team is committed to the team's purpose. They know exactly what that purpose is because the team leader keeps them focused by constantly communicating that purpose in team meetings and regular updates. The team leader helps each individual team member meet his or new own needs while serving the overall purpose of the team.

Motivating Goals

The team leader ensures that everyone on the team has clearly defined goals and targets. In some organizations, the strategic goals and departmental objectives are determined by senior management. In that case, the team leader makes sure that these goals are clearly discussed. Team members should understand how their jobs support the achievement of the defined goals, and, if possible, have the opportunity to develop individual goals and action plans that spell out how they will contribute to the success of the organization.

Commitment to Individual and Team Roles

On a Total Team, team members have clearly defined expectations but they also understand how each of their roles is linked to every other role. Team leaders ensure that team members are cross-trained in other responsibilities so that everyone can back each other up when needed. The team leader makes sure that individual job responsibilities are fulfilled, but, at the same time, works to help the individuals develop a common language, processes and approaches that allow them to function as a team.

Multi-Directional Communication

On the best teams, team members solve problems, communicate with each other, and keep the team leader updated on current challenges or emerging issues. On low-performing teams, communication is one-way (from team leader to team members) or two-way (between the team leader and individuals). Skilled leaders focus on developing multi-directional communication, avoiding the trap of communicating with individuals members of the team.

Authority to Decide or Act

No doubt about it, new teams may have to earn this authority by demonstrating that they understand the team's purpose, processes and priorities. However, effective team leaders work toward pushing authority for the team's outcomes to the team members. Team members know how and when to get approval for decisions and, in the best of cases, are charged with making on-the-spot decisions when a customer is facing them. On low-performing teams, team members have to constantly get approval before taking action, significantly reducing their effectiveness and negatively affecting their sense of engagement on the team.

Reliance on Diverse Talents

Savvy team leaders pay attention to helping team members understand their unique strengths, talents, and weaknesses. No individual team member can be good at everything. The best team leaders assist everyone to develop an appreciation for individual style differences, natural gifts, and personal experience. Teams are encouraged to use the language of acceptance and appreciation, rather than criticism and judgment. Team leaders consciously hire team members who bring complementary skill sets, unique experience, and diverse perspectives.

Mutual Support and Trust

The seventh characteristic may be the most important, and frankly, is probably the most elusive. The team leader can't force a team to be supportive and trusting--it's a natural result of shared responsibility, shared success, and mutual respect. The high-performing team achieves mutual support and trust because they have a history of working together to achieve grand dreams and results. They have met challenges, overcome obstacles, backed each other up in good times and bad. The Total Team has earned each other's trust.

Building a high-performing team is not an easy task. However, if you're a team leader that is up to the challenge, then consciously focus on developing these seven characteristics. Bring them to your next team meeting and ask team members to evaluate them. How do you know whether each of these characteristics is present or absent on your team? What is the team willing to do to develop these seven characteristics? Then ask the individuals on your team to commit to 3 - 5 specific actions they will take in the next 60 days. Revisit these commitments regularly and see what develops. I guarantee a rewarding journey to high-performance.

The Seven Characteristics of a High-Performing Team

Cynthia Clay is the President/CEO of NetSpeed Leadership (http://netspeedleadership.com). NetSpeed Leadership meets the learning needs of managers, supervisors, and individual contributors in small to mid-sized organizations. Our programs blend interactive instruction techniques with online reinforcement tools to extend learning beyond the classroom. With this holistic approach, our clients quickly launch programs, train participants, reinforce skills, and measure the impact.

Some people have described Charles Darwin as the "father of modern biology". Whether this is true or not, is of course a matter of opinion, but it is certainly true that Darwin's idea, of evolution by natural selection, is one of (arguably the main) the key foundation stones of modern biological sciences.

The year 2009 marks the bicentennial anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth in 1809, and as a result there are currently many celebrations and commemorations of Darwin's life and work going on. Is however a great pity is that among the general public, although many people have heard of Charles Darwin and know that he has something to do with the theory of evolution, many do not know really know what his work was about.


Many people wrongly believe that the theory of evolution attempts to explain the origin of life, and that Darwin was the creator of this theory. Neither of these is true. The theory of evolution is not about how life first appeared (this is a different field of study known as "abiogenesis"), but rather is about how successive generations of organisms change over time. Additionally, Darwin was by no means the first person to propose an evolutionary theory, or even the transmutation of species (how one species evolves into another), but rather was responisble for providing a mechanism and an explanation (known as "natural selection") by which evolutionary processes work.

The main concept behind natural selection is actually surprisingly simple (although it does have complex and fascinating implications) - that organisms with heritable traits that are helpful to successful reproduction, will tend to predominate over organisms without such beneficial heritable traits, and thus, over successive generations, beneficial heritable traits will tend to become more common in any population. To explain this concept, Darwin used an analogy of selective breeding - pigeon breeders, over just a few centuries, have been able to produce a great variety of different domestic pigeons by selecting for particular heritable traits - and similarly he argued that nature, over many millions of years, could produce a great variety of different organisms, by its own form of selection.

Among some religious people, Darwin's ideas, and even the idea of evolution, remains highly controversial. Among the scientific community, the principle of evolution, as well as related facts such as the great antiquity of the Earth, were already commonplace by Darwin's time. Darwin's theory of evolutionary (namely natural selection), however was for many years only one several competing evolutionary theories - it was only by the 1930s, when Darwin's ideas were combined with those of Gregor Mendel in what is known as the "modern synthesis", that it began to be recognized that natural selection was indeed the driving force behind evolution.

Charles Darwin For Kids

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"To My Dear and Loving Husband" was written by America's first female poet, the Puritan, Anne Bradstreet. In fact, Anne Bradstreet is one of only a handful of female American poets during the first 200 years of America's history. After Bradstreet, one can list only Phillis Wheatley, the 18th century black female poet, Emma Lazarus, the 19th century poet whose famous words appear on the Statue of Liberty, and the 19th century Emily Dickinson, America's most famous female poet.

"To My Dear and Loving Husband" has several standard poetic features. One is the two line rhyme scheme. Another is the anaphora, the repetition of a phrase, in the first three lines. And a third is the popular iambic pentameter.


Iambic pentameter is characterized by an unrhymed line with five feet or accents. Each foot contains an unaccented syllable and an accented syllable, as in "da Dah, da Dah, da Dah, da Dah, da Dah."

The subject of Anne Bradstreet's love poem is her professed love for her husband. She praises him and asks the heavens to reward him for his love. The poem is a touching display of love and affection and extraordinarily uncommon for the Puritan era of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in which Anne Bradstreet lived.

Puritan women were expected to be reserved, domestic, and subservient to their husbands. They were not expected or allowed to exhibit their wit, charm, intelligence, or passion. John Winthrop, the Massachusetts governor, once remarked that women who exercised wit or intelligence were apt to go insane.

Anne Bradstreet was born Anne Dudley in 1612 in England. She married Simon Bradstreet when she was 16 and they both sailed with her family to America in 1630. The difficult, cold voyage to America took 3 months to complete. John Winthrop was also a passenger on the trip. The voyage landed in Boston and the passengers joined the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The men in Anne Bradstreet's family were managers and politicians. Both her father and her husband became Massachusetts governors. Her husband, Simon, often traveled for weeks throughout the colony as its administrator.

Anne Bradstreet's poem, "To My Dear and Loving Husband," was a response to her husband's absence.

Very little is known about Anne Bradstreet's life in Massachusetts. There are not portraits of her and she does not even have a grave marker. She and her family moved several times, each time further away from Boston into the frontier. Anne and Simon had 8 children during a 10 year period, and all the children survived healthy and safe, a remarkable accomplishment considering the health and safety hazards of the period.

Anne Bradstreet was highly intelligent and largely self-educated. She took herself seriously as an intellectual and a poet, reading widely in history, science, art, and literature. However, as a good Puritan woman, Bradstreet did not make her accomplishments public.

Bradstreet wrote poetry for herself, family, and friends, never meaning to publish them. Consider that her friend, Anne Hutchinson was intellectual, educated and led women's prayer meetings where alternative religious beliefs were discussed. She was labeled a heretic and banished from the colony. Hutchinson eventually died in an Indian attack. Is it any wonder that Anne Bradstreet was hesitant to publish her poetry and call attention to herself?

Anne Bradstreet's early poems were secretly taken by her brother-in-law to England and published in a small volume when she was 38. The volume sold well in England, but the poems were not nearly as accomplished as her later works.

Bradstreet's later works were not published during her lifetime. Her poems about her love for her husband were private and personal, meant to be shared with her family and friends group only.

Though her health was frequently a concern, especially during childbirth, Anne Bradstreet lived until 60 years of age.

Enjoy "To My Dear and Loving Husband," a remarkable accomplishment.

To My Dear and Loving Husband

If ever two were one, then surely we.

If ever man were lov'd by wife, then thee;

If ever wife was happy in a man,

Compare with me ye women if you can.

I prize thy love more than whole Mines of gold,

Or all the riches that the East doth hold.

My love is such that Rivers cannot quench,

Nor ought but love from thee, give recompence.

Thy love is such I can no way repay,

The heavens reward thee manifold I pray.

Then while we live, in love let's so persever,

That when we live no more, we may live ever.

Anne Bradstreet, "To My Dear and Loving Husband," A Discussion


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That's the intent of this article, to wake up some ideas in your head, and plan for things to do in Florida and any of your travels.

When we venture down to Florida or anywhere for that fact of the matter, we first figure out what activities we definitely don't want to miss. Here is our list of favorite things to do on vacation...


1. Sit on the beach and play in the ocean. This is a no brainer. We love to walk the beach, bathe in the sun, play in the waves, and watch the beautiful people.

What types of things do you do on your vacation? What activities do you have planned? Do you relax, go active, or a little of both?

2. Play golf. Golf is a great game. There are excellent golf courses all over the world to choose from and you can even plan an entire golf vacation.

3. Go fishing. Deep sea fishing or fishing from a pier is a blast. If you have never done this try it once, you'll love it.

4. Other sporting activities like scuba, snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing, renting jet skis, or whatever. There are a ton of water activities to choose from.

5. Day trips and tours are awesome choices. Rent a boat for the day. Take a barefoot cruise. Venture over to Orlando and go to Disney World or any theme park. Dinner cruises, exploring, hiking, tours at local sites, and anything else that you can think of.

6. Go shopping! Yes, the ladies will love this one and probably already have it planned. I hate to shop, but it is actually fun when I am on vacation. It wears me out though. Take some extra money and visit the local shops, find souvenirs, and spend some of that hard-earned money.

7. Drive around. We have rented convertibles or motorcycles for a couple of days and just explored the area. One time, we went from Miami to Key West and spent the day there. Another time, we traveled up the A1A highway along the Atlantic Coast of Florida, enjoying the luxurious homes, yachts, and views. You can even do this as a weekend getaway. Find a cool spot that's only 6 hours or less away and take off. We always have fun doing this.

8. Take in local entertainment, events, restaurants, and such. Go dancing, find the best watering holes, do something romantic, party likes its 1999. Remember, you are on vacation and it's time to have some fun and do stuff you don't usually get to do at home.

The list is as endless as your imagination. These are just a few general ideas that we always plan on doing. Be creative and try new things.

Enjoy your trip, have a good time, and tell us your stories!!!

Fun Things to Do on Your Vacation!

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If you're like me, I've dealt with a thin hairline for most of my life. I believe some of it is hereditary and some is because of unhealthy hair care practices. My edges took a turn for the worse when I got micro-braids in my hair. They were braided so tight, that they literally pulled a good portion of the hair out. That was eight years ago and I haven't had braid since then. When I began my journey towards healthy hair, this was one of the areas in which I wanted to see improvement. Through some research and talking to others with the same issue, I found the following tips to be helpful in re-growing my hairline and thickening it up a bit.

First thing is to stop any practices that contribute to adding stress to your edges. This may include wearing braids and pony tails that are too tight, wearing cotton hair bands, applying gels, constant brushing, frequent touch-ups, etc.


Castor Oil - applying this oil on a regular basis helps to stimulate the hair follicles

Scalp Massages - another practice that aid in stimulating the hair follicles and blood circulation in the scalp. My suggestion would be to massage your edges every other day with castor oil and other essential oils. Moisturize - apply a moisturizer to your edges every night after your scalp massage. My suggestion would be a homemade moisturizing sprits consisting of water and castor oil.

Be Consistent - success does not happen overnight and hair growth certainly doesn't either. It is imperative to be consistent with the above practices and remember that it takes time. Determine how often and for how long you will apply these practices and then stick to it. You will see the results of your labor in due time and will be rewarded with a thicker hairline.

What Causes Your Hairline (Edges) To Become Thin?

I am an African American woman who started a website for the purpose of teaching women about healthy hair care practices for thin fine hair. I have learned so much on my healthy hair journey and want to share it with as many women as possible.


Life is a journey, not a destination is a phrase that has become popular. Have you pondered the true meaning of this statement? If you have, you no doubt, recognize that, life is a journey with many steps on your unique personal journey that takes you down a winding and sometimes bumpy road of constant evolution. Each day, you are provided a myriad of opportunities that allow you to transform into your next best self--more of who you truly are.

Each moment on your journey, you are presented with an opportunity to react differently when yet another someone or something in your life rubs you the wrong way, or you may find yourself wanting to walk away from a circumstance, but are not sure if that is the right thing to do. However, you may find yourself stuck in a rut that seems impossible from which to extricate yourself. You may even make the same choices over and over again because you do not know how to choose otherwise.


Rather than moving you forward, your present path may take you in a seemingly never-ending circle where your actions and choices lead you, not only, nowhere, but to where you've been before. It is during these repetitious moments that awareness becomes the first step to change.

Awareness is the moment when you are able to recognize what you are doing at the deepest level. You observe yourself, noticing your actions, reactions and choices in real time. Awareness is the first step to change because you can not make a change unless you are aware of what needs to be changed.

You can then understand why you are doing what you are doing. Afterward, it becomes difficult not to change because you are no longer in a fog about what you are doing. You will, also, realize that as much as you are the root source behind the causes for your behaviors, you are also the originator for any changes that you need to make.

There is infinite freedom in your awareness. Rather than thinking that you are stuck in a repetitive cycle with no escape, you will begin to see how you play a role in creating your life. Whether you are aware of them or not, your behaviors and choices are yours to make. Your past and present no longer have to dictate your future when you choose to be aware in real time. You are then free to move beyond your old limits, make new choices, and take new actions. With awareness, you take a new path that moves you forward while paving the way for new experiences and new ways of being. It is through awareness that you can continue to consciously evolve.

Life is a Journey - Not a Destination

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author, "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life." Dr. Dorothy has the unique gift of connecting people with a broad range of profound principles that resonate in the deepest part of their being. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's daily thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net

The easiest way to cure vampirism is once you have contracted Hemophilla (Vampire disease) go to a local church and pray at the alter for a cure (seriously). If you have been sick for more than 3 game days you will be a vampire. There are a few pros to being a vampire. One of the best benefits is a great strength, also you have add bonuses and spells. The biggest draw back is the sun begins to harm you and it forces you to walk at night.

Another draw back is people and merchants will refuse you service in your vampire form. The way to lessen the effects is to feed on sleeping NPCs. The best place to find sleeping NPCs is at the stables of any town. There is usually a farm hand asleep on the outside of the stable. Make sure you access that area after 11 pm. Now that you know how to contract,treat, and live with the disease lets talk about the cure.


Once you are a vampire you need to go to the church and talk with someone at the alter. They will send you on a whirlwind tour across the country talking to different people. You will end up at a old woman's house named Draklowe. She will make you a potion, but first she will need a few ingredients. First, she will need 5 Grand Soul Gems. This part of your journey will take you the longest but, with the help of this guide I can save you a few hours. The Five places I have found Grand Soul Gems:

1) Dungeon of Miscarcand (to the west of Skingard)

2) Squardered Mine (next to Draklowe)

3) Imperial Market (Not sure which Vendor)

4) Leyawjjn (Mages Guild)

5) Bravil (Mages Guild)

Once you have the 5 Grand Soul Gems take them to Darklowe and she will give you the next part of the quest. You will need 6 cloves of Garlic, 5 Nightshade leaves and 2 Shoots of BloodGrass. You will also, need the blood of a Argonian and Vampire ashes form a Vampire named Hindaril. All of the ingredients can be found at various mage guilds and markets. The blood of a Argonian is pretty easy (there are the lizard people). There is a bum Argonian wandering around the city of Leyawjjn poke him with the dagger and you good to go. The last piece of the cure is you need to kill a powerful vampire. Darklowe will give you the exact locaction of Hindaril. Once you kill him she will give you the potion and a extra potion for a friend. I hope this guide helps you in your quest.

How To Cure Vampirism In Oblivion

Ian Austin, has a B.S in Management of Information Systems form the University of Memphis. My business partner and I started Senisen. Our Web site http://www.CorporateReaper.com is a site with funny corporate stories and awesome t-shirts.

When you think of an entrepreneur what do you think of? According to Wikipedia it's described as, "An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of an enterprise, or venture, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. It is an ambitious leader who combines land, labor, and capital to often create and market new goods or services". Do you think of yourself as an entrepreneur or as an employee?

Think for a moment of some well known, even famous entrepreneurs. Names like Walt Disney, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Simon Cowell to name just a few. How do you feel about these people? Do you think that they are special, gifted or talented in some way that the rest of us "mere mortals" aren't? What is the X Factor? One dictionary describes it as "a hard-to-describe influence or quality; an important element with unknown consequences". People generally admire successful entrepreneurs like these but do they aspire to be like them? Do you have ambition, motivation and drive to succeed in creating a life of financial freedom, personal development, more quality time and the opportunity to do more of the things that you love to do? If you have strong desire to change your circumstances, find your inefficiencies so that you can eliminate them and find your strengths so that you can multiply them, then you are a strong contender for home business.


If you can actively visualize being your own boss, quitting the rat race and living a life on your terms, then you already have the first steps to mapping out your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. The Internet has become the new way to do business and is fast becoming the most efficient source of income. Learning to leverage the Internet and learning from some of the best Internet marketers in the world can only help you reach your destination more effectively and quicker!

Zurieka Model © 2009 - 2012

Entrepreneur With X Factor

Zurieka Model is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who discovered how satisfying life is when you make money online from anywhere in the world. Zurieka mentors individuals globally, interested in quitting the rat race forever, and working from home.

If you really want to enjoy your vacation that requires you to drive anywhere, then there are a certain number of things that you need to do. Are they easy? Yes, they are. Does everyone do them? No, they don't. So, what are they?

First of all, planning for a road trip depends on where you want to go in terms of distance, how much money you want to spend, and how many people are going. The other important details include whether you are travelling with a young baby or child, or whether you are taking along a teenager or teenagers.


The first thing to plan for a short or long trip is the maintenance of your vehicle. You want to be sure that what your driving has been tuned, brakes checked, and will not let you down.

The next thing to do depending on how far you want to go is to plan how far you want to drive in any one day. If you have two drivers, it is much easier to drive a lot further and make sure to trade off frequently the longer and farther you travel.

Make sure that when you travel in peek vacation season that you book lodgings at a spot where you plan to end up for that day. There is nothing more frustrating, tiring and stressful than to arrive at a location and find no accommodation available. Take it from me, I've made this mistake and regretted it.

If you are travelling on board with a small child, you need to bring everything along that would serve to provide for their needs. This may include diapers, bottles, formula etc, or, with small children, bring along some toys, favourite teddy bear or blanket, and do not drive so far each day that your child learns to detest being in the car with you.

The real challenge comes if you taking a teenager with you. For most teenagers, they just don't seem to enjoy the family trip anymore. So, what can you do to make at least the travel portion a little better? If you can, see if you can take along a friend so they can have someone to talk to their own age, listen to music together, and just hang out together when you get to your vacation destination. There is nothing worse than a teen that never is enthusiastic about anything you suggest, and just sits there and mopes.

With just a few smart planning decisions, you'll find that your travelling vacation gets a whole lot smoother and much more relaxing.

Easy Trip

Many people assume that they have to go to a far off place in order to have a great break and ignore . . . Back yard vacations

What created Goodman Brown? A man so tormented by what even he considered to be a dream that it changed his life in a profound negative way forever. Goodman Brown was man plagued by his own conscious; he was someone who believed himself to have committed grave sin by meeting with the devil and participating in a witches meeting in his dreams. This spoke of an era where people were overcome with religious guilt and superstition. As a result of Brown's dream he suspected everyone in the town of being cohorts with the devil, in addition his superstition and questioning of his own self overcame his ability to trust or believe in anyone else. He died a bitter, unhappy, miserable man.

In order to fully understand the character of Young Goodman Brown we must first understand the era he comes from. Although Hawthorne does not state directly whether or not the plot of this story takes place in Salem in the seventeenth century, his references to other characters clearly imply it does. His references to Martha Carrier, Martha Cory, and Sarah Cloyse, all women hanged as witches in 1692; as well as his reference to King William who ruled England from 1650-1702 tell of this horrid time where people killed, tortured, burned, executed and suspected that everyone from their sister to there neighbor might be in contact with the devil. As a result of this environment of suspicion and paranoia Goodman might have felt as though his dream was in reality a lack of faith on his part. He may have felt so guilty for experiencing this dream that he thought he, as well as the people in his life were guilty of coercing with the devil.


Goodman Brown might have been Hawthorne's expression of his own struggles with his faith in humanity and himself. Hawthorne was a guilt ridden person and I believe that he had many instances when his faith was tested. Brown is Hawthorne to a lesser extent. Goodman Brown starts out as a good, happy, decent man; he seems very content. All of this changes when he decides against the advice of his wife faith (the symbolism is obvious here) that he should go out on a journey into the woods to meet with the devil. I believe path in the woods to be his continued decent into metaphorical as well as literal darkness. As he continues down the woods he reaches the pinnacle of his journey when he comes upon the witches meeting. Once Brown reaches this point he loses his faith despite his last ditch effort to save his wife. He never knows if he was able to save her. This doubt is what destroyed him.

Brown's motivation for meeting with the devil is never made absolutely clear and can only be speculated by the devil's references to others that have come into his fold. He speaks of the King, Goodman's father and grandfather, the deacon, minister and mayor. The devil makes it appear that everyone with any power, success or for that matter anyone that means anything to Goodman is in fact allied with Satan. Although Goodman resists the devils temptations at first; as more and more people are brought to his attention as being followers of the dark one, the idea becomes more acceptable. I believe Brown's motivation to meet with the devil was power; he wanted an advantage over others to achieve his goals. This may have contributed to his last ditch effort to save faith when he shouted "Look up to Heaven, and resist the Wicked One". When he arrived at the witches meeting he discovered that everyone already had the advantage of being on the wicked side and had already sold there souls for money, power, or prestige. He was able to see that nothing would put him ahead of anyone else by following through with his original task. He had nothing to win and everything to lose by making an alliance with the devil. Unfortunately for Young Goodman Brown it was too late for his soul to be saved. He reached the point of no return and not only didn't he reap any benefit from his ordeal but lost every bit of happiness he previously possessed.

Goodman Brown was a man destroyed by his own obsession. He lived a miserable life as a result of the guilt he felt for embarking on a dark journey in his dreams; which resulted in his suspicion of everyone and a lack of trust for individuals in his community, himself and humanity. The only way Goodman Brown would have been able to save his faith would have been to never embark on the dark path.

by John Schlismann

A Character Analysis of Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

John Schlismann has an interest in American Literature.

To read Young Goodman Brown goto:

... there is no subsitute for paying attention.

- Diane Sawyer


WALKING into the local grocery store the first week in January, I nearly tripped over a pallet of Slim Fast. I smiled at this excellent piece of "prophetic marketing" - knowing what the customer wants before she wants it.

The owner of this store knows that with each New Year nearly every American resolves to lose weight. The diet related products are in place on New Year's Eve. And he follows this marketing strategy all year long. In February, ice chests will line the high traffic areas within their stores. Outdoor accessories are on display weeks before spring arrives. School supplies are on the shelves by the end of June. This business owner anticipates each season months before its arrival.

How can you adapt prophetic marketing to your business? What seasons do your customers follow? Are they sports oriented? Do they own a boat? Do they follow the hunting seasons? Answering questions about your customers' seasonal inclinations will offer clues that enable you to anticipate their personal needs.

Another way to anticipate your customer's needs is to be sure you have everything required to use your product. For example, my wife went into a store to buy a mailbox. She picked out one made out of wood. An alert salesman pointed out that she would need to weatherproof the mailbox. He then proceeded to take her to each location for the other products she needed - sealant, sandpaper, brush, paint thinner.

Identifying what your customer wants before she wants it can place you in an invincible position. Any business can furnish customers what they want when they want it, but to give a customer what they want and how they want it before they actually want it, is Customer Service that knows no equal.

TURNAROUND TIP: This level of Customer Service is all about strategy. Below are three more ways you can learn to "read your customer's mind."

1.Help customers to identify their needs. Some people don't plan for their needs until they become urgent. Convince them of the value of pre-planning. Understand in detail your customer's business to see where your product fits in.

2.Make it a group effort. Get together with your colleagues and share information about customers and their product or service requirements. Cooperation is the key to making your business successful. Discuss ideas on problem prevention. Share current resources of information about each cust-omer.

3.Explore all of the capabilities of your products in relation to each customer. You may find that your service or product can help customers in ways they hadn't imagined. Be sure your clients fully understand all of the uses for your product or service.

By using these strategies, you will gain loyal customers, increased sales and less stress from unforeseen problems.

Needs Based Selling - Reading Your Customer's Mind

ike Dandridge md@theperformancepro.com Mike is the founder of High Voltage Performance, a consulting firm that specializes in designing customer experiences for the industrial marketplace. He is a keynote speaker and a seminar leader with 25 years experience in electrical wholesale distribution. Dandridge is author of, The One Year Business Turnaround, a book based on his years in wholesale, containing a year’s worth of ideas for improving your customer service. You may reach Mike at 254-624-6299. Visit his Website at http://www.highvoltageperformance.com. Subscribe to his blog at http://www.businessturnaround.blogs.com.

Edgar Casey, known as the most prolific prophet of our time, was the first to bring past lives to light in the 20th Century. His many readings are archived at the Association for Research and Enlightenment center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

A convincing form of confirmation that we live more than one life is demonstrated by those who have experienced past lives as a result of spontaneous memory or hypnotic regressions. The details are documented in many countries, and the authenticity of many of these examples cannot be disputed or an alternative explanation offered.


Established by Hazel Denning, PhD, 1980, IARRT, the International Association for Regression Research & Therapies Inc., (formerly - Association for Pastlife Regression Therapies) is the first professional organization for regression practitioners. IARRT provides education and research in past life regression and metaphysical healing.

The scientific community more often than not refutes the proof of past lives. However, there are many scientific examples, some of them highly convincing. In a case reported by Dr. Morris Netherton an eleven-year-old boy, who when under hypnosis was taped speaking in an ancient Chinese dialect. This astonishing taped regression was taken to a Professor at the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of California, where it was found to be a recitation from a forbidden religion of ancient China. (Fisher 1986:202.)

In the past ten years, multiple independently researched reincarnation cases have emerged, which reveal that from lifetime to lifetime, people have the same facial features, personality traits, passions and even linguistic writing style. The most compelling cases involve those in which children have spontaneous memories of a past lifetime that can be factually verified. The case of James Leininger, aired on ABC Primetime in 2005, and the case of Anne Frank/Barbro Karlen, are examples. See reference below.

Walter Semkiw, MD the author of Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited and Born Again independently researched reincarnation cases that demonstrate objective evidence of reincarnation, including the cases of neurosurgeon Norm Shealy, Police Captain Robert Snow, Asst. Fire Chief Jeff Keene, and William Barnes.

The case of Robert Snow, a Captain in the Indianapolis Police Department, in charge of the Homicide Division, was initiated on a dare by a fellow police officer. Captain Snow, in his book, Looking for Carroll Beckwith, relates that he only did a regression so that it didn't look like he had "welshed on the dare." Captain Snow did not believe in reincarnation and did not expect to have a meaningful experience. After his regression, Captain Snow researched Beckwith's life by studying an extensive diary found in Beckwith's belongs. Of the 28 specific memories Snow documented from the regression, such as the painting of a hunchback woman, 26 were verified through his research. Though initially reluctant to accept reincarnation as the basis for his regression experience, Captain Snow finally came to the conclusion that he was Carroll Beckwith in a prior lifetime. Snow states that the evidence he compiled would stand up in a court case and that no plea-bargaining would be offered if it were a murder case.

Past lives can also be derived from spontaneous memories and confirmed in past life regressions.

William Barnes, author of Thomas Andrews, Voyage into History, started having spontaneous past life memories when he was a child. Thomas Andrews, Voyage into History, is the story of Tommie Andrews, Titanic's designer. Barnes' motivation for writing this book is, in part, to clear Tommie's name of any wrongdoing in the context of Titanic's sinking and to document his vivid memory of this life time. In a recorded regression into the life of Thomas Andrews, Barnes spoke with a heavy Irish accent as he describes the ordeal of Titanic's sinking and relives his death on the deck of the great ship.

Jenny Cockell had memories of living in Ireland. She remembered facts about her previous life, such as the name of her eight children. As a child Cockell drew a picture of a church and a map of her previous life's childhood town, with an accurate description of her house etc. The impact of these memories disturbed her day-to-day functioning to the degree she consulted a hypnotherapist. After many past life regressions and armed with a list of several items-including two oval-shaped photos, one of her as a child and the other of a soldier she want back to the town where she lived in her previous life. She not only found the house with a rabbit hutch in the back (now in disrepair) where she died at a young age, leaving her eight children motherless, she found and met seven of her living adult children from that life time. Her oldest child, a son, although reluctant to meet with her eventually agreed. Together they compared memories-only one item on Jenny's list of memories remained unsubstantiated by him. The ABC TV program 20/20 documented the reunion including a birthday party with her oldest child of her previous life.

The most profound researched proof of past live connections is documented by National Geographic DNA journey. You can explore your own genetic journey with Dr. Spencer Wells, Deep Ancestry: Inside the Genographic Project. DNA analysis includes a depiction of your ancient ancestors and an interactive map tracing your genetic lineage around the world and through the ages.

Diba Ayten Yilmaz, Past Life Regression Therapist, Turkey wrote. "One of my clients is a 39 years old woman, who is a computer engineer in IBM Turkey. At the first meeting she mentioned that she had felt an attraction to Russia since childhood. She found herself as a woman in Russia in the first Past Life Regression Therapy session. She sent her DNA sample to Genographic Project of National Geographic. The results showed that her origin goes to Russia! In the second regression session she found herself as a young woman in a small village, which she called Lappland. She had been killed by German soldiers along with the entire village.

After the session both women wanted to know if Lappland existed and if so, where. They searched the Internet and saw that there was an area called Lappland in Sweden. The second question was about the German soldiers. Yes, the German soldiers had killed all the people in the small village of Lappland in the late period of World War II.

The amazing thing is; after the session she checked her Genographic results again on National Geographic. The NG follows and updates the DNA journey results and saw that her DNA has a connection to Lappland!

If you want to see her DNA results I can send it to you. You can check your DNA results on NG or do you know someone who has checked?"



International Association for Regression Research and Therapies

National Geographic - Genographic Project https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com

Past Lives - Scientific Evidence

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Life Coach - Certified Hypnosis/Regression Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy connects people to principles that resonate in the deepest part of their being. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's daily thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net

For the fishing enthusiast who does not wish to use peeled fresh prawns or shrimps as bait, sand worms is the preferred alternative.

Here's how you can learn the Fisherman's method to dig for sand worms to use as bait.


You merely need some very basic tools, and these are a spade with a pointed tip, and a squeeze bottle which can be fashioned out of any drinking water bottle with a hole punched in the cap.

We shall use some chicken feed as bait for the sand worms and also a small container to store the sand worms that we are going to catch.

First, we shall prepare our bait for the sand worms. To do this, we simply add the chicken feed into the squeeze bottle that is filled with some seawater, and we shake the bottle to form a chicken feed solution.

Next, we will stand near the edge of the beach, and wait for the tide to come in. As the water comes into the beach, squeeze the bottle of chicken feed over a wide arc, this forming the feed for the worms.

The next thing to do is to watch with a keen eye for worms that will come up to feed. Now the characteristic feature to identify the location of these worms is the special water formation that looks like a "V" pattern caused when the worms come up to feed and the water moves around its head to form such a pattern.

Do not search for them exactly at their home spot, because these worms are very fast and can hide back into the sand before you can even catch them.

The key is to quickly dig deep where you see the "V" formations, and bring the sand up to a dry part of the beach and then to spread the sand out to get the worms.

It is a skill of speed, and after you have done this a few times, you should be pretty fast.

Digging for the worms is something your kids will love, and if you are bringing your children along, ensure they have a good dose of sunburn lotion before letting them have fun catching the worms for you.

Who says the fun is in the fishing itself? Digging for the bait forms the prelude to a wonderful time of fishing. Try it out the next time you go for fishing!

The Fisherman's Technique To Dig For Sand Worms For A Fishing Trip

Peter Lim is a Certified Financial Planner who enjoys fishing and is never tired of hearing the exciting fishing stories from his sister who is another avid fishing enthusiast. For more free information and tips on fishing places and techniques, visit " The Big Fishing Guide" at [http://dynamic-guides.info/fishing]

It's certainly the mesmeric land of Thais that attracts more visitants than any other country in the Southeast Asia. Thailand is the country known for beguiling scenic beauty, stunning beaches, impressing culture, commendable hospitality, fantastic temples, ruins & souvenirs of fabulous ancient kingdoms, gastronomic riches, and lovely, smiling, and welcoming people.

Thailand certainly the destination that appeals you, bewitches you, captivates you, enthralls you....! It's the place that makes you visit it again and again. It's the vacation destination that you dream of. Surely, you can find oodles of interesting things in Thailand, but here are the 10 most interesting facts about Thailand.


It is often nicknamed as the "Land Of Smiles," because of the perceived gentleness of its people. The country is really populated by smiling, inviting, and receiving people. Thais are really gentle, polite, soft spoken, friendly, and hospitable human beings.

Siam was the old name of Thailand. It was the official name of the country until 1949, when it was changed to Thailand by official proclamation. 'Thai' in the Thai language means 'freedom'. So, Thailand means "land of freedom" or "land of the free".

The Mon ruled over what is now known as Thailand. The area was also held by Khmer. The Mon Empire was a great Buddhist empire, and the empire had trading relations with Indians for centuries.

Thailand retains much of its original culture, because it is the only Southeast Asian nation that has never been colonized. Thai culture is kin to the Cambodian culture & religion, which was adopted by Thais in the 13th century, after the fall of the Khmer Kingdom.

King Rama I, the founder of the Chakri Dynasty, established Bangkok as the capital in 1782. Bhumibol Adulyadej, the current King of Thailand, is also a Chakri Dynasty ruler. He is also known as Rama IX. He is the longest serving monarch in the Thai history.

95% of the Thai people are Buddhists of the Theravada tradition. 4.6% of the people are Muslims. Malays are mainly concentrated on the southern tip of Thailand. 0.75% of the people are Christians, mainly Catholics. Sikhs & Hindus are tiny, but influential. The nation also has a small Jewish community.

Thailand is also known as the "Land of white Elephant." White elephants were highly esteemed and valued by the Thai Rulers. Elephants are still highly revered in Thailand. They are considered as the symbol of peace and prosperity.

Thais do not like someone touching them on head. They believe that soul, which is considered extremely sacred, resides in head. So, don't ever touch a Thai on the head, not even a Thai child.

Thailand is the 49th country area wise, with its total land area of 514,000 km² (198,000 sq mi). It is comparable to the size of France, and it is somewhat larger than the California State of the United States.

Thailand has 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which include Ban Chiang Archaeological Site near Udon Thani, Dong Phayayen - Khao Yai Forest Complex, Historic City of Ayutthaya & Associated Historic Towns, Historic Town of Sukhothai & Associated Historic Towns - including Kampang Phet and Si Satchanalai, and Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Thailand Travel - 10 Interesting Facts About Thailand

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The USA is one the most drivable countries in the world. Interstates connect every major city, even making most of Alaska accessible to anyone with gas in their car. When it comes to the cities in the USA, each one is very different. Some are bus friendly, some are car friendly, some are subway friendly. The best cities in the USA for a road trip are the ones that are easy to get to via car, have ample parking, and are worth the trip into the city. Which ones meet all of these criteria? Read on to see ten of the best places in the USA to plan a road trip, and see if you agree!

1. Boston. Before the Big Dig tunnel, driving into Boston was a nightmare. Now, it's a little less of a nightmare. Driving into Boston isn't for the weak of heart, but taking your car into the city is probably the quickest way to see the city. Parking isn't always plentiful, but the sights are. Try eating in the famous North End, taking a Boston Harbor Islands cruise, or walk the famous Freedom Trail of historic sites in the city.


2. Seattle. This city was created with driving in mind. Unlike many of the older cities on the east coast that fall victim to poorly laid out highways, Seattle has an excellent highway system to get in and out of the city. Like any major city, you'll have some traffic, but it's a piece of cake next to traffic in New York or LA. Highlights of Seattle include Pike's Place fish market, the Space Needle, and sightseeing cruises through the Seattle Locks.

3. San Diego. California's southernmost major city fairs a little bit better than it's metropolis to the north, Los Angeles. Yes, the I-5, I-8, I-15, and I-805 all converge within San Diego city limits, but the 8 lane highways are big enough to accommodate most of the traffic, most of the time. If you're headed to San Diego, try visiting historic Old Town for authentic California style Mexican cuisine and architecture, the Gaslamp Quarter for the best shopping, and whatever you do, don't miss the San Diego Zoo, the best zoo in the country.

4. San Francisco. On TV, it seems that San Francisco was made for trolley cars and walking. Spend a day there walking up and down the hills and you'll realize that you'll soon become exhausted, or broke from the cab fare! Luckily, if you're staying San Francisco, most of the hotels have inexpensive parking, and sometimes free parking. If you stay along Fisherman's Wharf, you can easily walk to most of the attractions along the waterfront.

5. Kansas City. Smack dab in the middle of the USA lies Kansas City, spreading itself over two states and the Missouri River. Nicknamed the city of fountains, Kansas City actually has the most fountains in the world outside of Rome. With a revitalized downtown area, and some of the best BBQ you can find in the country, Kansas City is home to some interesting architecture new, like the American Jazz Museum, and historic, like the Liberty Memorial (which houses the World War I Museum). In terms of drivability, the city couldn't have been set up any simpler. I-70, I-35, and I-69 all are easy routes that head into the city, while I-435 makes a giant loop around the city.

6. San Antonio. Besides flying into San Antonio, you don't have many other options to see this inland Texas city. San Antonio is located in the epicenter of Texas, and is a true cross section of Texan life. As you approach the city from I-10, the sudden shift from rural landscape to major city is abrupt. The city's lack of a major metropolitan area sets it apart from many other US cities. Heading to the west of the city, the terrain starts to get rockier and more mountainous. Driving into the city is simple, with I-10 heading east-west, and I-35 heading north to south. San Antonio is home to the historic Alamo, and the beautiful Riverwalk area. Most hotels have free or reasonably priced parking. The best way to see the city's major attractions are by foot, but you can easily navigate the grid style streets of the city if you need to drive.

7. Portland. One of the most beautiful riverfront cities in America, Portland lies on the banks of the Columbia River and Willamette Rivers in Oregon. The city is known for its fine arts, some of the best art galleries in the country, abundance of microbreweries (they call it "Beertown"), an active bike racing scene, and a booming restaurant scene. While the city has excellent public transportation, you can also easily navigate the backstreets and highways of Portland through the I-5, which heads north towards Vancouver Washington, and south towards coastal Oregon and California. I-84 heads east towards Idaho and Salt Lake City.

8. Denver. Chances are, you don't live near Denver. That's precisely why it makes a great road trip destination. Denver isn't just a great city to stop through, it has some incredible scenery just to the north that make planning a road trip here well worth it. Rocky Mountain National Park, around 52 miles to the northwest, is best seen during the warmer months of the year, when the roads aren't covered in boulders and snow. At the foot of the Rockies, you can find the booming art town of Boulder, Colorado. Denver itself is home to annual Great American Beer Festival each fall, and has plenty of art museums, clubs, and parks to keep visitors occupied. A road trip to Denver is easy planning. I-70, I-25, and I-76 being the major routes into the city. If you travel to the west of the city on I-70, check your brakes, you're in for a mountainous journey!

9. Las Vegas. A road trip to Las Vegas might just be the road trip of all road trips. Heading into the secluded, barren landscape that surrounds Las Vegas offers up incredible scenery that seems to wrap itself beyond the horizon. The heat pounds the pavement and produces heat lines (just like you've seen in the movies), and the journey seems endless. Without notice, you'll catch your first glimpse of Las Vegas, if headed north on I-15, tens of miles before you get there. What seems like a dot on the horizon will get bigger and bigger, until you run alongside the famous casinos and towering hotels Vegas is known so well for. It's next to impossible to get lost in Las Vegas. There's one major road in, and one out. Once you're off the highway, you can take the cruise of all cruises, down the Las Vegas Strip. For a truly unforgettable experience, drive the 3.8 mile long strip at night, when the city really comes alive.

10. Salt Lake City. Like Las Vegas, a road trip to Salt Lake City is like an optical illusion. After driving on miles of dry salt beds (Bonneville Salt Flats State Park), heading east on I-80 will run alongside the intriguing Great Salt Lake, and lead to beautiful Salt Lake City. The skyline of Salt Lake City is set strikingly against a backdrop of tall snow capped mountains. The city itself is sloped, and has an interesting feel unlike any other in the country. The city stays relatively cool all year long, and has some world famous skiing nearby. You might recognize the city from the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. If you're staying at any of Salt Lake City's hotels, parking usually isn't a problem. However, destinations within the city usually must be driven to, since they are spread far apart.

You've probably noticed by now that there aren't many east coast cities on this list. The east coast has some tremendous sights to see, but many of those are small towns, coastal peninsulas, islands, and hard to navigate cities that were built hundreds of years ago. That makes taking a road trip to cities like New York a little more difficult. The newer cities of the west coast kept driving in mind when the population really started to take off, setting them at a slight advantage for road trip goers.

Ten of the Best Places in the USA to Plan a Road Trip

I've traveled across the country several times back and forth, and taken some extended road trips over the past few years. If you'd like to read more about some of my road trips, get some advice on trip planning, and see what else the USA has to offer for road trippers, visit my how to plan a USA road trip page.

Like it or not winter is coming. Instead of huddling indoors, discover the frozen beauty of Canada on a snowmobile tour. With thousands of kilometers of trails, novice and seasoned sledders can travel deeper and higher into the backcountry to places that are usually inaccessible. Adventure-seekers will be in awe at the quiet beauty and immense, untouched landscape of Canada's winter wonderland.

From the BC Rockies to the Maritime trails, there's plenty of snowmobiling vacations to discover:


  • The deep powder of Revelstoke, BC makes this area the champion of snowmobiling. With an annual snowfall between 12-18 meters (yes, METERS) and daily temperatures around -5 C, this area is a mountain playground for sledders. Tours with seasoned experts can take you along deep, powder filled valleys and also to mountain tops above the clouds. Snowmobiling in Revelstoke, BC is unbelievably beautiful and unforgettable.

  • The Crowsnest pass has hundreds of kilometers of trails but due to the frequent chinooks, snowmobiling in southern Alberta may be fickle. Central and northern Alberta has a constant snow base making for scenic parkland rides through the snow-covered forest. The air may be cold and crisp but a sunny blue sky makes for fantastic snowmobiling in Alberta.

  • Ontario has over 49,000 kilometers of interconnected, groomed trails which forms the world's largest network of recreational trails. Snowmobilers travel through majestic forests as they glide between frozen lakes.

  • Quebec is the birthplace of the snowmobile so visiting the J. Armand Bombardier's Museum in Valcourt is a good way to pay homage to the inventor of the Ski-Doo. North of Montreal, the Laurentian Mountains become a hilly playground with thousands of kilometers of trails covered in deep powdery snow.

  • The Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island is a 275 kilometer rail trail, a former rail line that has been converted into a liner park. Snowmobiling on the Confederation Trail will take you past charming interior towns filled with welcoming hosts and warm maritime cuisine. Trail permits are required from the PEI Snowmobiling Association.

  • Sledding under the aurora borealis is magical and unforgettable. Outside of Yellowknife, NWT, sledders can stop to watch and to listen to the shimmering light show, often in colours other than green. Go for a more traditional dogsledding tour and experience the way that pioneers used to travel in the winter.

Snowmobiling is a great way to see the frozen beauty of Canada. Tour operators know the safe and scenic routes around the backcountry and can take travelers to the secret locations familiar to locals. Instead of hiding from winter, embrace the cold and discover your own winter adventure.

Take a Snowmobiling Vacation

Scenic Travel Canada is a website that helps travelers and nature-lovers to discover the lesser-known areas of Canada. There are plenty of Canadian adventures that cater to people of all fitness levels. From hiking in the Rockies to walking the sandy shores in the Maritimes, you'll be amazed at the beauty that awaits.

What weather is safe to go out boating in? What wind speed and swell sizes are suitable for small boats? The article below discusses safe weather conditions for boating.

The best conditions for boating in depends on a few factors. Firstly and most obviously, the size of your boat. Larger boats may obviously be able to go out in rougher conditions due to their sheer size. The information below relates to smaller boats around the 15-30 foot mark.


The wind speed and direction is a major factor in ensuring you have a safe and comfortable experience. Ideally the wind should be blowing at less than 15 knots and be offshore. Offshore winds mean the wind is blowing from the land out to the ocean. Offshore winds usually happen more in the morning. If they are higher than 15 knots it is usually uncomfortable and the further out to sea you go the rougher it gets.

Onshore winds blow from the ocean to the land. Most of the time any offshore winds are too much for any small recreational boat. If you do have to go out in offshore winds, make sure they are light and don't get caught to far out to sea.

Swell is the other main factor that can affect small boats. Swell is the rising and falling movement of the oceans currents. A large swell (over 8 foot) can make offshore reefs break which can be extremely dangerous for small boats. Swell under 8 foot is ideal for small boats, as it will make the voyage both safer and smoother.

Any swell over 10 foot is extremely dangerous for small boaters. These conditions should always be avoided.

A final thing to remember is to always log in and out before and after every boating trip. Someone should always know where you are going, when you will be back and who to contact if you do not return.

Understanding Safe Weather Conditions to Go Out Boating In

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A bladder infection very well might be one of the most painful infections a woman can have. You constantly feel pain and are in a stage of discomfort for the whole time. Your mind is completely distracted from everything else in your life since your focus is always on using the washroom, even though you dread it. Although you desperately feel like you have to urinate, you don't even want to try since the burning sensation is enough to make you feel sick to your stomach.

When you have a bladder infection, you know exactly what it is. You don't need a doctor to describe to you what is going on in your body. This is why a trip to the doctor's is so unnecessary and time consuming. They will want to do so many tests on you, ask you all sorts of embarrassing questions and maybe take your diagnosis too far. Some doctor's insist on blood work to be done if you have a bladder infection to ensure your kidneys aren't harmed. A simple trip to the clinic for a prescription has now turned into a nightmare.


The last thing you need is more stress and turmoil in your life when you have a urinary tract infection. All you want is a simple cure that is going to take away your pain and allow you to get on with your life. The best bladder infection cure might be cranberry juice or increasing your levels of Vitamin C. For some people, they just drink a lot of water to flush it out of your system. Some of these methods work but there is a solution that is going to give you relief in just 48 hours and you don't have to go to the doctor's either.

The Best Bladder Infection Cure - No Doctor's Trip Necessary

Urinary tract infections can impact your life in many ways. If you are suffering with one, you already are well aware of how painful and uncomfortable it is. There are natural and effective ways to cure your urinary tract infection. Find out more about what you can do to relieve the pain and discomfort, from this helpful site.

You don't have to resort to medications to cure your urinary tract infection. If it's impacting your life or if you've had recurring episodes, there is a natural cure that will offer complete relief in just 48 hours.